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Whatever Happened to the Rain?

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Hello, to coincide with the Pest exhibition I am selling a very limited zine titled ‘Whatever Happened to the Rain?’

What makes this book different from the others? Well, the editing process I found harder than any of the others. In someways intentional as I was quite cutthroat in what photographs appear, ruthlessly dedicating to the narrative over straight up bangers here and there…but more than that it was a conscious decison to capture a particular feeling. One that it transpired was quite an emotionally draining experience. Even though these are photographs of the outside world they also felt incredibly personal. More so than the previous work. They gestured towards the introverted outsider, that part of my personality that chooses not to be around others at certain times. Stark moments of reflection, readjustment and failed artistic avenues aided the collection of this work.  I’m in no position to tell you what to think or feel as you’re more than capable of doing that yourselves, but looking back over these photographs as a whole spoke to something deeper than was initially intended. It was quite strange but they’re also some of the best photographs I’ve ever taken.

If you choose to buy a copy I’d love to hear what you think.

This is an extremely limited run; only 33 available. Each numbered and signed. Printed on 32 pages of recycled card and silk. Including 2x random 6x4 prints. 

£7 each plus postage. 



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